LEGO Fusion – digitising LEGO creations into video games


We like LEGO. We like the little plastic LEGO men and how they taste when dunked into full-cream milk; the feel of the bricks as you stand on them without shoes; the plethora of LEGO games for all their charming quirk. Yep, LEGO is awesome and it doesn’t really matter that 95% of the NAG staff are above the age of 30. (Except for maybe Dane; his boyish good looks often confuse us; he might be around 14 or something.)

Anyway, LEGO has come out with a new set called LEGO Fusion. It’s like a bizarre mash-up between plastic LEGO, video game LEGO and Skylanders / Disney Infinity. The gist is this: there are four new sets each themed around different things. Each set comes with a capture plate, which kind of acts like a Skylanders Portal of Power. A game app (available on iOS and Android) then prompts you to build various structures onto the capture plate. Using your phone or tablet camera, you then photograph your structure on the capture plate, and the game then digitisers your creation for use in the game world.

Each of the four packs have their own game, so there’s a city manager set and game, a tower defence set, a beach resort management set, and a racing car set. You can check it out in action after the jump.

I have a feeling this is going to take off in a big way thanks to both Activision and Disney proving that there’s a market for toys linking up in video games. While this first set of LEGO Fusion toys are perhaps a little basic (you’re only really building, with the exception of the racing set, 2D facades that are then morphed into 3D buildings in-game) I get the sense that LEGO has only scratched the surface here.

Via: Kotaku