While Dota 2 dominates the headlines with its ever-increasing prize pool for The International, League of Legends continues to saunter along at its own multi-million-dollar pace; Riot Games clearly no longer know what to do with all their money, and are now using it to encourage noobs to quit.

More specifically, Riot Games have implemented a system amusingly called Queue Dodge, which allows new employees to receive up to 10% of their annual salary — up to a maximum of $25,000 — for resigning during their first 60 days of employment if they’re not gelling within the organisation. Taking their inspiration from shoe company Zappo, Riot Games’ announcement goes on to explain why they’re not crazy and are willing to let new hires choose to leave with no hard feelings rather than force them to git gud.


“From the beginning, we’ve focused on culture,” explains the announcement. “We operate on a foundation of shared mission, values, passion, trust, and mutual respect. If someone gags on the unique flavor of our culture, they’d be doing themselves and the company a disservice to hang on just for the paycheck. Culturally aligned people and teams are more effective, and alignment around mission and values allows us to better serve players. We’ve designed Queue Dodge to help self-identified mismatches move on in an open, positive, and constructive way. ”

Queue Dodge makes a lot of sense, and is a positive step given some of the less savoury aspects of hires and fires in the gaming industry.

Source: Riot Games

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