Now that the Destiny alpha has come and gone, the Internet is deep into post-mortem territory. With that comes a highlighting of some concerns for the game, the most surprising of which is the voice acting done by everyone’s favourite diminutive Hand of the King, Peter Dinklage. Apparently his voice acting has left much to be desired by some people. Over on Polygon, Ben Kuchera’s opinion piece is interesting and worth a read.

Whether you feel Dinklage’s performance is sub-par or not, I think we can all agree that his one line (“That wizard came from the moon!”) was particularly hammy. Personally I feel that particular line spawned an Internet meme not because of Dinklage’s performance, but rather because the line itself is just so cheesy.

At least Bungie has a sense of humour about it. They designed the logo you see above and have slapped it onto a T-shirt that has been sold via the Bungie Store. That item is now the best-selling item in the store’s history. All profits from the $25 T-shirt are being donated to a charity. Got to love the Internet.

Via: Polygon

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