Resogun gets local co-op and a ship editor


Housemarque’s wonderfully addictive shoot ‘em up Resogun is a firm favourite to many a PlayStation 4 owner. The heady mix of tough-as-nails gameplay with super-explodey-voxels makes for a compelling gaming experience, and if you haven’t already tried it out, we thoroughly (thoroughly) recommend you fix that.

We’ve known for some time that Housemarque is bringing more content to the game in form of DLC, but helper team XDEV Studio Europe has unveiled a nice addition that’s hit the game via a title update: a ship editor.

Apparently being able to design your own custom ship has been one of the most requested additions to the game. Housemarque and XDEV listened, and now you can build your own pew-pew machine (complete with custom weapon, agility and defence stats) via the in-game editor. “This really is a massive addition to the game,” XDEV’s Ian Pickles said on the PlayStation Blog, “and one that is going to stir up the competition. Being able to tweak ship attributes means the game is tactically deeper and there are tons of new tricks to make that high score bigger. If you can think of anything better than saving the last humans while piloting a flying ninja unicorn ship then I’d like to hear about it.”

THIS JUST IN: NAG HQ will pay precisely ZERO Rands to the first reader to create and share a flying ninja unicorn ship.

Another addition to the game is local co-op, which means you and a buddy/partner/child/dog/goldfish can sit together on the couch and blow up enemies in full 1080p voxel-based glory. They’ve also added more Trophies for you to obsess over.

All of this is already out and available via a free title update. This update also paves the way for the upcoming DLC called the Heroes Expansion. That will set you back around R60 or so and will be out in the coming months.

Source: The PlayStation Blog

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