Hearthstone has an expansion in the wings called The Curse of Naxxramas. It’s due to hit anytime soon as the only release date we have is “summer 2014”. That’s the northern hemisphere’s summer, and not ours; you paid attention during school Geography, right?

Some leaked images of off-screen shots have been spotted in the wild and shared via Reddit. While there’s no telling whether or not these are legitimate, they certainly look like they are. Blizzard is naturally responding to media enquiries with the stock-standard “we don’t comment on rumours and speculation” so for now take this with a pinch of salt.

Aside from some shots of the expansion’s UI (which looks like it’s running on an iPad judging by the battery life icon you can see in the bottom left corner of one of the shots; that and there’s a finger poking the screen elsewhere soooo, yeah), a bunch of cards have been revealed as well; we’ve added them to the gallery in case you missed them. You can find the whole shebang after the jump.

There are quite a few more leaked images over on Imgur.

Source: Reddit
Via: PC Gamer & Eurogamer

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