In the July issue of NAG, RedTide uses half a puppy, a wet rag and a bag of elastic bands to create a flying submarine which has no business being called a submarine in the first place because if you put it in water it dissolves almost instantly. We do extensive scientific research to discover the best shampoo for washing feet. Somebody accidentally leaves the bath tap on overnight and floods our office rainforest. And we rudely discover that skydiving with penguins isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Oh, and Evolve. Evolve happens.

Because we couldn’t get enough of Evolve in our June issue hands-on preview, we decided to use our need for a cover feature as a cunning excuse to get our greedy hands on it once again. We did it for you, really. But also for us. Mostly for us. Because who doesn’t love an invigorating bit of cooperative monster hunting in between bouts of monstrous hunter bashing?

Elsewhere, we discover these newfangled MOBA thingies for the first time. They almost slipped beneath our radar, because it’s not like there are seemingly thousands of MOBAs and MOBA-likes out there, making it impossible to ignore them. Apparently people play these… things? And sometimes there’s prize money involved? Is that even legal? We imagine it must be a bit like cockfighting syndicates in the Philippines, except instead of betting on poultry-flavoured bloodsport and who gets to keep the chicken livers people gather around CRT monitors in a smoky room with a floor made of dirt and spit vicious insults at one another because the nap in the bottom lane is feeding the mid-lane player sexy grapes and that fool playing Gutspiller the Weirdly Merciful has just spent all his cash buying items geared towards magic users and QUIT UNINSTALL GO PLAY SIMS.

Sorry about that, blacked out for a moment. Speaking of MOBA-likes, we’ve taken an early look at Dead Island: Epidemic in our previews section. Elite: Dangerous gets our hearts racing because David Braben is so dreamy and spaaaaaaaace. We fill our pants with tangible dread by having a look at The Evil Within, and then try to calm ourselves down again with a semi-relaxing turn-based game of Civilization: Beyond Earth.

For reviews this month we pick apart Wolfenstein: The New Order‘s strangely sophisticated gunplay and walk the hack-able streets of Future Chicago in Watch Dogs. Is Mario Kart 8 reason enough to own a Wii U? And can The Elder Scrolls Online maintain its solo role-playing legacy while still appeasing MMORPG  pundits? What if Tropico 5 has nothing at all to do with management sims or tropical islands, and is actually just a Bejeweled clone? What if?

Hardware is the usual mix of mad science and critical finger-pointing, and this month we’ve put gaming notebooks, GPUs, controllers, headsets and more under the microscope. And by more, we mostly mean a chair. Which isn’t easy to fit under a microscope, but we did it.

Inside our July issue you’ll find all these things, plus more stuff. Which again mostly means a chair. If you’d prefer our digital edition, head on over to Zinio. You should be able to find the magazine on store shelves tomorrow, the 26th of June.

Now, marvel at the cover and all its Evolve-ness, and then check out the contents page if you’re interested.

Click here for the contents PDF [846KB]

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