You’ve played Grand Theft Auto, right? One of the most fun things about the series, at least when it gets on to the PC, is the mods that the community makes. There are mods that let you play as Voldemort, there are mods that allow you to battle online with others as Super-Saiyans and there are even mods that do some incredible texture work and add in new game and story content for free. What the internet does when it gets its hands on a Grand Theft Auto game is truly staggering. With GTA V a few months out for a PC release, enterprising modders have taken to the console versions and have done some interesting work. One modder took a Xbox 360 and a hacked copy of the game and made it so that you can play entirely in first-person view.

What’s interesting about this mod is that the functionality to move the camera to first-person view was already there, hidden behind a few switches. Just like the GTA IV first-person mods, Rockstar must have known that at some point someone would try to do this and left in most of the functionality for modders to exploit. Everything still works, from how your character shifts the viewing angle when climbing up a ladder to how one would normally look around at the cockpit of a plane when getting in.

There’s still a lot of work that needs to be done to make it work properly and there are a lot of restrictions that modders have to work around on the consoles. But when it comes to PC… man, oh man. Imagine this, a mouse and keyboard, a good seat of headphones that isolate outside noise and an Oculus Rift.

I don’t think I would ever leave the house with a setup like that.



Just in case you were wondering – yes, none of the dials in the car or in the plane work. The detail was left there but clearly Rockstar didn’t have the time to actually make them work or find a way to make GTA V playable in first-person. However, if you examine this trailer for GTA V on current-gen consoles and the PC, you’ll see that at the 0:55 mark… there are working dials in the car that Michael is driving!

Oh hey, Sony is working on getting Project Morpheus out and working for PS4…

Source: Eurogamer

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