SGDQ speedruns raise $700,000 for charity


Speedruns are energised shrines to dedication, perseverance and skill; there’s really nothing quite like watching a typically multi-hour game being broken over the knee of a speedrunner in half an hour, and they just keep getting faster. The Internet home of gotta go fast is the Speed Demo Archives (SDA), which recently finished up with Summer Games Done Quick 2014 (SGDQ 14), one of its two annual events that stand as testaments to the abilities of speedrunners and double as charity drives.

Turns out that they’re high scorers as well — SGDQ 14 managed to raise over $700,000 for Doctors Without Borders (or Médecins Sans Frontières for most of the world), an organisation which aims to provide disease-control and emergency medical assistance in impoverished and war-torn countries across the globe. The event saw a couple of classics being run — such as Donkey Kong Country — but new titles as well, including the likes of Outlast (more like Outrun, am I right?) and Deus Ex: Human Revolution. While it didn’t top their Awesome Games Done Quick 2014 event — which raised a staggering one million dollars for the Prevent Cancer Foundation — it’s nevertheless an incredible achievement.

I recommend finding one of SGDQ 14’s recorded games that you’ve played extensively to experience a guilty mix of pleasure and personal failure.

Source: Twitter, Summer Games Done Quick 2014