12 year old kid makes infinite runner called Spacepants


Sam Smith is 12 years old. He’s also made an infinite runner game for Android and iOS called Spacepants.

Spacepants, as it turns out, is garnering some pretty good critical reception and has been hailed as “the Dark Souls of infinite runners”. For some that sounds mighty enticing, but to other lesser gamers like me, any mention of a game being even remotely akin to Dark Souls is enough to send me fleeing in terror, screaming at the top of lungs while I rip massive chunks of rapidly greying hair from my scalp.

There’s a trailer after the jump; it’s got that charming, pixelated retro feel with suitably low-fi animations. Plus the game starts with the words “Spacepants malfunction!” which is just wonderful.

While young Sam designed the game and did most of the production, his dad (who is a game developer) helped with some of the trickier coding. Still, this kid has made a game at aged 12. When I was 12 I was likely doing absolutely nothing of any value at all other than marathon runs of Star Wars films. He wins.

You can buy the game on iOS via the App Store for R14.99, or on Android via the Google Play Store for R18.00

Via: Kotaku