Giblets: Some signs of life from OCZ overseas

If you were wondering what’s going to happen with the OCZ brand, well… it looks like it’s going to stay. Under the old management OCZ floundered spectacularly, with hardware and firmware issues showing up along with reliability issues generally dogging all of their SATA products (mSATA and PCI-E SSDs, not so much). But it seems like things are on the mend. Recently PC Perspective reviewed the RevoDrive 350 and gave it a thumbs up and one of the bigger boutique PC retailers in the US, Origin PC, is re-adding them into their list of approved drives.

Although Toshiba will have to do a lot to claw back the huge market share that OCZ once commanded (easily rivaling Samsung back in 2011-2012) it looks like the people in charge of getting the ship back up and running know what they’re doing. It would be a huge shame to see the Barefoot controller vanish into the server market.

Source: PC Perspective, Tom’s Hardware