Civilization: Beyond Earth release date, gameplay footage


Civilization: Beyond Earth, Firaxis’ homage to its previous turn-based space odyssey Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri, will be releasing on the 24th of October of this year. Pre-orders are currently available, which will garner you the pre-order exclusive Exoplanet map pack, supposedly “based on real exoplanets“.

There’s a bit of cheekiness here in the six listed planets, with some being referred to by their actual names but taking liberties with the details, (such as Endor Kepler 186f, which is a forest world in Beyond Earth), while Mu Arae F (half ice, half desert — you know, like South African nights and days) is a fictional addition to the family of Mu Arae planets B through E.

More pertinently, Firaxis also released a narrated gameplay walkthrough of Beyond Earth and some background discussion on the lore and factional leaders of the game. Hit the jump for the the videos.

Source: Twitter