Bungie unveils Destiny special editions and beta dates


A press release, sent over to us by the lovely people from Megarom, has provided details for three special editions of Bungie’s upcoming shared-world shooter, Destiny. As you can guess, a game of this magnitude is going to be pulling out the stops in terms of collector’s editions. While no local pricing is confirmed, Megarom has said that we’ll definitely be seeing these different collector’s editions in South Africa.

In addition to the various editions of the game, Bungie and Activision have confirmed the dates and times for the Destiny beta. Those of you who have pre-ordered will likely already have your beta key; those keys are good for any platform. If you’re playing on PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 4, then the beta kicks off next week Thursday 17 July at 5PM local time. If you’re on Xbox 360 or Xbox One, then the beta kicks off for you on Wednesday 23 July at 5PM local time.

It’s worth noting that the beta will be shut down on 21 to 22 July for maintenance. It’s also worth noting that the press release specifies that an Xbox LIVE Gold subscription is required to play the Destiny beta, but that a PlayStation Plus subscription is only required for “some features”. Those features are the co-operative Strike missions, which are basically Destiny’s raids.

Insofar as collector’s editions go, Bungie has the following up on offer:

The Destiny Limited edition will include:

  • A steelbook case and game disc
  • A Guardian Folio that includes postcards, star charts and an Arms & Armament Field Guide
  • Collector’s Edition Digital Content Pack which includes a special Ghost casing, a player emblem and a unique player ship variant (I originally typoed that as a “unique player shit variant” which got me thinking whether or not pooping should be a thing in video games)
  • The Destiny Expansion Pass, which is pretty much the game’s Season Pass for two upcoming DLC doses

The Destiny Ghost Edition will include:

  • All of the above content
  • A Ghost replica that lights up and talks to you whenever it detects movement; yes it will basically be like having Peter Dinklage sitting on your desk; no we don’t know whether it will say “that wizard came from the moon” but my gosh do we hope it will
  • A Letter of Introduction – we have no idea, perhaps a letter from Bungie or a letter from your Ghost, or a letter from your significant other telling you they’re leaving you because of neglect
  • Golden Age relics like photos, stickers, patches and other assorted bits and bobs that you look at once and then forget you own because really you only bought this for your own Ghost replica and Peter Dinklage in your room (not that that’s creepy)


Finally, a Destiny Digital Guardian Edition has also been announced for those of you who detest any physical objects. That will net you a copy of the game, as well as the abovementioned Collector’s Edition Digital Content Pack and the Destiny Expansion Pass.

Pricing has not been confirmed for South Africa, but you can gauge by using the announced US dollar pricing: $99.99 for the Limited Edition, $149.99 for the Ghost Edition, and $89.99 for the Digital Guardian Edition.

See you in space! Should I say that? It seems like I should say that.

Oh! And here’s a new trailer. In case you’ve forgotten what Destiny looks like: