Guild Wars 2: Next Week – Entanglement

Last week saw the release of Season 2 Episode 1 of the Living World in Guild Wars 2. A new zone was introduced, along with a new threat rising in the dusty west. Episode 2 releases next week Tuesday, and based on the trailer above, will expand the new map with new areas, and even change an existing one (the nearby Timberline Falls).

As long as you log in between now and the release of Episode 2, the first episode will be unlocked and free to play at any time. If you miss the unlock period, you can unlock it retroactively using 200 gems or in-game currency.

In other news: Guild Wars 2 sells 3.8 million in China in two months, raising the global sales to over 7 million sold in less than two years, meeting it’s predecessor in a fraction of the time – all with no expansions.

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