Hearthstone’s expansion given a price


Upcoming Hearthstone expansion, The Curse of Naxxramas, is coming out sometime this month. While we’re still waiting for a concrete date for this July, we now know how much we’ll be paying to access the five-tiered expansion.

The expansion will be drip-fed to us over a period of time; the first “wing” of the DLC will be free for a limited time after launch; that limited time will be “roughly a month or so”. After that you’ll need to pay 700 in-game gold pieces or $6.99 to access each wing.

If you pick up with first wing during the limited free launch window, you’ll be able to nab the remaining four wings for $19.99. Alternatively, if you miss the launch window you’ll have to pay $24.99 to access the expansion in its entirety. The nice thing, however, is that there are more pricing options, which means you’re free to mix and match between paying actual money and paying with in-game gold. For example, if you pick up the first wing for free, and then buy the second wing with in-game gold, you can pick up the remaining three wings for $14.99 as opposed to roughly $21 if you bought them separately.

Source: Battle.net