Giblets: Microsoft drops plans for Xbox Ones as devkits?

You might have seen headlines stating that Microsoft has done a new 180 in dropping yet another feature from the Xbox One. That feature is the ability for ordinary Xbox One consoles to double as devkits, which is great for hobbyist game developers and indie teams that can’t fork out wads of cash for separate Xbox One devkits. Since the console released however, Microsoft has been quiet on this feature. Website Digital Spy originally quoted Xbox Advanced Technology Group’s Martin Fuller as saying the feature had been dropped and that he did not know the reasoning. Shortly after the Internet imploded with more vitriol aimed at Microsoft for yet another Xbox One reversal, the company issued a statement to say that Fuller was speaking out of turn and that Microsoft remains “committed to ensuring the best possible solution for developers and hobbyists to create games for Xbox One.”  So for now, it’s waiting as usual until Microsoft releases a firmware update to enable the devkit features on Xbox One.