Morning! Watch 16 minutes of new DA: Inquisition gameplay


BioWare’s creative director for Dragon Age: Inquisition, Mike Laidlaw, has 16 minutes of new gameplay to share with you. This section of gameplay is what was shown off live during E3. In this recorded walkthrough, you’ll get to see a chunk of gameplay featuring a female Qunari mage in action.

The area that BioWare chose to use for this demo is expansive. In fact, it’s larger than the entire game world of Dragon Age: Origins, and this is just one portion of Inquisition’s open-world.

Combat and exploration take front and centre for the gameplay video, and you’ll get to see party members taking on various enemies and eventually a dragon towards the end. It’s all looking really good, and I’m eagerly anticipating the release of that Dragon Age Keep so that I can play catch-up after having missed the previous games.

Grab that coffee / tea / chai latte / skinny flat white with vanilla soy extract, and hit the jump.

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