PSA: those Destiny beta codes are good for three people


Perhaps you’ve bagged yourself one of those highly coveted Destiny beta codes? We won’t ask how you got one seeing as “pre-ordering” is a dirty word these days; we know that our friends over on IGN Africa have been haemorrhaging beta codes for the last few days, so perhaps you got lucky there?

Regardless of how you got a beta code, a little known fact is that that code is good for three download keys. If you head over to to redeem your beta code, you’ll get three download keys for a console platform of your choice. That means you’re free to issue the remaining two keys to two of your mates so that the three of you can take on the universe of Destiny together.

This isn’t some silly loophole or anything; Bungie is quite open about this and states on that “each code will grant you 3 download keys, enough to field a full Fireteam on the console of your choosing!” Website Eurogamer has pointed out that those wanting to redeem PlayStation 4 beta codes are currently unable to do so, but Bungie has assured PS4 owners that you’ll be able to redeem and activate your codes and keys before the beta kicks off next week Thursday, 17 July.

Source: Eurogamer