Nvidia is moving around another Maxwell card

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Nvidia isn’t saying much about their new Maxwell graphics cards due out this year but apparently they don’t need to – the shipping details of the engineering samples they’re moving around do the job quite well already. According to new shipping manifests from India’s customs offices, Nvidia is now also moving around a GM200 GPU, rumored to be the successor to the GTX Titan. Hit the jump for more details.

Nvidia’s definitely being more coy about the memory specs and finer details about the card this time round, with no information available on the memory packed onto the engineering sample. This does appear to be the first revision of the card, being designated as “GM200-INTO-A1.” The other interesting bits are lower down on the manifest – a “thermal head” and a “guide plate” might mean that this was shipping with a separate cooler and a backplate. It’s unlikely that Nvidia will move away from their new blower design, but the backplate inclusion is new.


3DCenter, the source of the manifest leak, reckons that the card will have a humongous die size of around 600mm², will have a 512-bit memory bus, something in the range of 4000 CUDA cores, could release in early 2015 and may be as much as 50% faster than a standard Geforce GTX780 Ti.

So, who’s holding off for something like this monster?

Source: 3DCenter