Alien languages promised if Star Citizen reaches $50m


Cloud Imperium Games (CIG), the developers of upcoming space simulator game Star Citizen, have said that they will create alien languages for players to enjoy if they manage to reach $50m in crowd funding. Given that sales of dogtags and in-game items have pushed the amount gathered over $48m recently, the stretch goal of $50m will almost surely be reached.

CIG boss Chris Roberts made the following statement regarding the pledge:

“The ongoing funding keeps the project running on the scale it is today, but we’re also eager to find ways to improve what we’ve already planned. We’ve come up with one for the $50 million goal that we think will truly improve the immersion, and help make Star Citizen a living, breathing world.”

Creating unique languages for the different alien species within the game definitely does make the world seem more authentic and diverse and it’s nice to see that CIG will not be using the “everyone in the entire universe only speaks one language” approach.

“We will work with real-world linguists to create distinctive and realistic alien languages for Star Citizen‘s three biggest alien races, the Vanduul, the Xi’An and the Banu. No universal translators, no garbled animal noises: Star Citizen‘s aliens will be speaking their own authentic languages!”

Star Citizen looks set to battle it out with the equally exciting upcoming games Elite: Dangerous and No Man’s Sky for the title of world’s best space simulator and is expected to be released some time in 2015.

Source: Eurogamer