Media group films and leaks Dota 2 team’s strategy


Well this is certainly awkward: a Chinese media group called Gamefy “accidentally” filmed and shared Team DK’s strategy prior to them taking on opponents Evil Geniuses in the regional preliminary rounds of The International (TI4). The blunder has caused vocal outrage among Dota fans and spectators.

Gamefy has since issued a public apology, which has been translated and shared on Reddit. In their apology, Gamefy admits that a camera crew entered Team DK’s room and began filming without permission from the team or from Valve. That footage was then “accidentally” uploaded to YouTube.

While Team DK went on to beat Evil Geniuses anyway, this security mishap has highlighted just how serious competitive gaming has become. In the case of The International, the upset over this leak is understandable considering the prize pool is over $10 million already. Valve has yet to issue an official statement, but knowing Valve they probably won’t. You can read Gamefy’s official apology after the jump.

Dear DK players and beloved dota 2 fans,

Gamefy’s film personnel entered and began filming the player’s rooms without the permission of Valve and Team DK, and accidentally uploading the sensitive information. We sincerely apologize for our actions.

We acknowledge the problems and frustration that were caused to team DK by the video, and we are fully aware of the hurt that was caused to dota 2 fans. According to Valve Corperation’s rules and regulations, the personnel responsible cannot continue to participate in TI4 news reporting; We will also strictly adhere to the rules of the organizing committee. Without further permission from valve, we will not enter player’s rooms to conduct any kind film work.

Lastly, we would hope for forgiveness and understanding from all of team DK, all dota 2 fans and lovers, and other TI 4 players; and let us put our passion and enthusiasm into the reporting of the next phase of the tournament.

We hereby apologize.

The International officially kicks off this Friday on 18 July.

Source: Reddit
Via: Polygon