Xbox One without Kinect

As of the 9th of June, Microsoft started selling the Xbox One without Kinect – the motion tracking peripheral that never quite managed to grab the attention of core gamers. With the removal of the once obligatory Kinect came a price cut of $100. This has obviously levelled the playing field in terms of competition between Sony and Microsoft.

The new, cheaper, Kinect-less Xbox One console has resulted in Microsoft seeing sales figure double from May to June. In May 2014, Microsoft reported Xbox One sales figures of around 76, 000 units. Thanks to the price drop, they’ve doubled that figure for June.

“Over the past month,” an official Microsoft statement reads over on Xbox Wire, “we’ve seen a strong spike in interest in our Xbox One console options, including the new $399 offering, and the amazing lineup of games announced during E3. Since the new Xbox One offering launched on June 9th, we’ve seen sales of Xbox One more than double in the US, compared to sales in May.”

Source: Xbox Wire

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