42 Last of Us: Remastered screenshots leaked



The Last of Us was easily the highlight of 2013 for any Playstation 3 owner. It’s a magical and simultaneously depressing experience that puts Naughty Dog firmly in the hot seat moving forward and I doubt that there’s any other AAA studio today willing to take the same risks and bring a story as heart-wrenching as Joel and Ellie’s to gamers. In case you missed the announcement, Sony and Naughty Dog are bringing The Last of Us Remastered to the Playstation 4 and it’ll come with the Left Behind story DLC as well. Hit the jump to see the glorious pixel quality.


While many have wondered just how much benefit there is to having the game on the PS4, one NeoGAF poster managed to grab not just one, but forty-two screenshots of the game running on PS4 hardware. Remember that this is merely a port of the PS3 version of the game as well as the ex-gen Naughty Dog engine that was used in the Uncharted series as well.

If you don’t see too much difference between the PS3 and PS4 versions (if you remember what it used to look like), don’t worry, I’m having just as much trouble because of the stunning texture work done in the game. I think this is the reason that I’ll be getting a PS4.

Source: NeoGAF