Techies unveiled at Dota 2’s The International


Those familiar with the original DotA will no doubt have their own tale to tell of one of the game’s most beloved/reviled heroes, the Goblin Techies. More trolls than goblins, the Techies relied on both hidden bombs and their ability to suicide for kills, ensconcing themselves as a character fit for tricksters of the highest order.

Their absence in Dota 2 has long been a point of contention, but no more. During The International’s All-Star Match — featuring players voted for by the community — Artour “Arteezy” Babaev of Evil Geniuses got a surprise when he picked Sniper, only to be dealt a sudden draft of Techies. Hit the jump for the crowd reaction (the one guy is seriously happy about Techies showing up) and some screenshots of the Techies in action during the All-Star Match.

Visiting the off-lane side-shop just got a whole lot more interesting. Perhaps pub players will start buying wards now? Haha who am I kidding? Get ready for trench mine warfare.