The NAG Online Podcast: Episode 01


With the rise of the internet and the fall of free time everywhere, we realise that not everyone has the time to sit around and read articles and go into long-winded arguments over the internet whether “Most t-bag crouches in a multiplayer match” is a valid world record attempt or not. Sometimes you just want to play your games or lie back and relax and listen to the peaceful sound of people talking about games and occasionally hardware.

Well, now you can! This is the first-ever NAG Online podcast starring myself, Rick de Klerk and Delano. This is the first time any of us has ever done this and it’s also not a bad run. With any luck, this’ll turn into a regular feature on Wednesday nights at 7PM and, for now, you can even listen and interact with us as we record it live. How cool is that? Hit the jump for the podcast list so you can follow what we’re talking about and download the audio-only version of the same that you’ll see on the Youtube video embedded below. Give it a listen and let us know what you think!

Episode 1: A New Hope

Recorded on 20 July 2014; duration 1hr39min

Direct Download: Linky

00:20 Hosts introduction: Wesley Fick, Rick de Klerk, Mark Del

On NAG Online:

00:35 WIN: four movies because we love you

05:28 5 Features Every Game Needs To Have – Chris Kemp

18:41 Review: Orc Attack: Flatulent Rebellion – Mark Del

22:15 Laptop Buyer’s Guide: July R2000 to R9000 – Wesley Fick

News Items of Interest:

30:54 Xbox Entertainment Studios is dead, Xbox Originals too

37:50 Court obtained emails suggest Bobby Kotick was nearly fired

43:40 Take a Mass Effect questionnaire; help guide development

48:50 Alien languages promised if Star Citizen reaches $50m

54:00 Former Panamanian dictator suing over COD depiction

Topical Topics:

1:11:27 YouTubers getting paid to support the views of publisers?

1:28:41 Kickstarter and Early Access failures and concerns

Competitive Events Happening Now:

Dota 2: The International

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