League of Legends! You might have heard of it. It’s this little MOBA game that about a bajillion people play every day. At last count, Riot Games said that League of Legends has around 67 million active players a month. Dota 2, for comparison, has just shy of 8 million monthly players according to Valve. That 8 million is a month or two outdated by now, so after the recent International it might have increased slightly.

Fun fact: I know absolutely nothing about League of Legends other than it’s a BIG FREAKIN’ DEAL and that it’s made by Riot Games. Also, I know that it has about 7 trillion different characters to choose from and that it also has one of the most toxic player communities on the planet, which one could argue comes down to the fact that when you have 67 million monthly players, you’re bound to find a few more rotten apples than with a MOBA of around 8 million monthly players.

Anyway, while my League of Legends knowledge is definitely lacking, I can recognise an amazing game trailer when I see one. Enter “A New Dawn” – a stunning new CG trailer for the world’s biggest MOBA. You’ll find it after the jump. Watch it, even if you have no idea what a League of Legends is.

Speaking of the game’s toxic community, Riot Games has announced a new wave of tests that are aimed to crack-down on awful player behaviour. Using “a new machine learning approach” along with player manual reviews, Riot plans to sniff-out the wretched hives of scum and villainy that create toxic environments for other players. Specifically, Riot is siccing their digital watchdogs on players that exhibit racist or homophobic behaviour. Furthermore, anyone caught issuing death threats or “intentional feeding” will also be targeted. Those found guilty by the new systems will be issued bans from 14 days to a lifetime. What’s more, anyone who challenges a permanent ban will have the full support chat transcript published for anyone to view in an attempt to keep the whole process “transparent”.

Riot means business, you awful, awful LoL players. Except you guys at the back who just want to have fun; you guys can stay. The rest of you toxic lot of bottom-feeders can GTFO.

Source: Reddit

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