GoG.com now supports Linux, has a sale to celebrate

Half-Life isn’t among the titles, but c’mon, how can the Combine fight against this?

Desktop Linux is generally regarded as anathema to gaming, but over the past few years it has gotten considerably more attention from companies and developers alike. Steam has been available for the platform for a while, and now the ever-lovable folks at GOG.com have thrown their hats into the ring with the big announcement that they now officially support Linux too, with no less than 50 titles up for grabs, predominantly for the Ubuntu and Linux Mint distributions.

Though some of the games on offer have already been available on Linux through Steam, this marks the first time that many of them have seen native builds on the operating system. It’s an eclectic mix of modern, classic and indie, and many more titles are promised in the near future as GOG has officially stated that it will be releasing “at least 100 Linux games in the coming months”.

Wanna know the best part? They’re having a sale to mark the occasion. Thirty-one of the 50 titles are going dirt cheap, and purchases ensure that you’ll be able to play your games not just on Linux but Windows and OS X too. Open up your terminals here to see what sort of deals you can find and carry on praising the penguin.