PSA: the Destiny beta is now open to everyone


Well, everyone except for you, Glorious Master Race – you lot can go back to your gigaflops and specular-full-screened-anti-aliased-bump-mapping-terabits or whatever. I’m kidding, I love my PC I really do, it just doesn’t have Destiny. Yet.

Anyway, for the rest of you console peasants, Bungie’s Destiny beta has had its gates thrown wide open. From 1AM local South African time, the beta should have started showing up in your various consoles as a download option. You might want to get on that download as soon as possible because the beta is scheduled to be shut down at the end of this weekend.

If you’re unsure about trying the game out, then you can give my alpha impressions a read. The beta plays identically to the alpha, save for a few extra story missions that have been added.

Source: Bungie