Shadow of Mordor story trailer reveals finer plot points

shadow of mordor

Monolith Games has a tough crowd to please when it comes to storyline. Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor is bravely forging a new narrative path in Tolkien’s much-loved universe. That gives it the either the honour of adding to a rich legacy (albeit in a non-canonical way) or the potential to crash and burn among of long-time Tolkien fans. It’s a risky concept, but the potential is definitely there.

If you’ve been feeling a little sceptical about what’s in store for us as we carve our way through Shadow of Mordor, then perhaps this latest story trailer is what you need to alleviate some of your misgivings? In it we learn that the wraith aiding player character Talion is none other than Celebrimbor: the elf who appears in the book The Silmarillion and the one who forges the rings of power that were gifted to the races of Middle-earth.

Joining Celebrimbor will be Gollum; he too will play an integral role in the game’s story. This is the second story trailer for the game, so if you missed the first one you can find it over here.

More good news is that the game’s release has been brought forward largely thanks to October’s already chock-a-block release calendar. It’ll be hitting a week earlier.