Guild Wars 2: The Dragon’s Reach (Part 1)


Season 2 of the Living World in Guild Wars 2 continues with Episode 3: The Dragon’s Reach. While Taimi is working on safeguarding the Waypoint network from Mordremoth’s tendrils, Braham must visit his mother and convince her to meet with the Pale Tree to discuss the upcoming threat. Rox must confront Rytlock Brimstone (something she’s been avoiding for over a year now), and Marjory is still taking some personal time off after what happened in Episode 2.

Once you’ve played through the episode, there is new content added to Dry Top, and a strange new back piece to craft using items given as rewards during the story steps of Episode 3. This back piece will continue to change and grow during the next episode. Be sure to log in during the next two weeks to unlock this episode for free, making it playable (and replayable) at any time.

You can read the full patchnotes here.

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