NAG Online Podcast Episode 2 on tonight


In case you haven’t heard the news yet, a bunch of the NAG Online writers have started up a podcast in which we’re gathering together online to talk crap about a lot of things and to perhaps muse wisely on Delano’s words. We’ll be recording the show live using Mumble and you can find the details of how to listen in right here. When the show is over, I’ll be uploading it to Youtube and we’ll have a direct download for the MP3 file which you can listen to as well. This is only the second cast so we’ve taken some of your feedback and implemented it in the hopes that we can make it better for you, the NAG Online reader.

We’ll be starting tonight’s cast at roughly 7:30PM and we’re hoping to be no longer than an hour and fifteen minutes. Join us and remember to mute yourself before we start recording!