The Hum is coming. Will it be good or just ho-Hum?


Editor’s note: That headline. O_O

Now this is interesting. A wild, indie horror/survival project has appeared in the form of The Hum, which was recently given the go-ahead on Steam Greenlight.

Instead of the usual “zombie apocalypse” setting that dominates the survival genre, The Hum features a world devastated by a recent alien invasion. It promises to be a first-person endeavour with the requisite stealthy bits and a consistent, unsettling sound droning on in the background. What sets it apart is that it seems players will have to face an unreliable narration, as possible alien abductions, memory loss and other strange events will take place. Players may also find themselves with new abilities, hinting at possible RPG elements.

Did I mention the developer is also supposedly a freakin’ therapist? That’s certainly one way to be familiar with people’s darker fantasies and insecurities!

Right now, the game is still in a very early alpha state and the trailer doesn’t reveal many gameplay mechanics. Nonetheless, the premise is intriguing and my interest was perked by the extremely gloomy, creepy trailer. Check it out below and keep up with happenings here.