Ubisoft introduces new female character Elise to AC: Unity


But before you get ahead of yourselves: she isn’t a playable character. Instead, Elise is being positioned as a companion character or possible love interest for protagonist Arno. Interestingly, she’s also a Templar, but that doesn’t seem to stop Arno from rescuing her before she gets her head removed from her body via a grim-looking guillotine.

It’s likely that Elise will be a pretty major character in the game considering Ubisoft has created a figurine of her that’s available to purchase via the Uplay Shop. What’s more, author Oliver Bowden (no stranger to penning Assassin’s Creed novels) is writing a spin-off novel starring Elise. That book is yet to be named but we’re sure details will follow shortly; likely during Gamescom in two weeks.

During E3, Ubisoft was on the receiving end of a lot criticism thanks to the fact that Assassin’s Creed: Unity doesn’t include playable female assassins. You can get a first look at Elise in a new cinematic trailer after the jump.

UPDATE: We received an official press release from Ubisoft, which provided the following description of Elise:

As an independent young noblewoman, Elise is determined to secure her place in the Templar dynasty amidst the chaos of the French Revolution. Her quest leads her to cross paths with Arno and establish an unlikely bond with him.