Watch this: Unreal Tournament developers play some TDM


In a post on the game’s official website the developers of the new Unreal Tournament have released some of the first deathmatch footage from the game. In case you’ve forgotten, the game will be entirely free to play, with no microtransactions (including where future content updates are concerned), and is being worked on by a number of UT veterans in conjunction with members of the evergreen UT community. At this stage the game has only the most basic of functionality, with some simple levels and most weapons available, but there is still enough action on show for fans of arena shooters to be excited about. Hit the jump to check on the game’s progress.

Gameplay programmer Joe Wilcox says of the development team’s progress in the video: “The biggest thing we really zeroed in on was the movement mechanics and how we move through the world. That’s where we’ve focused most of our time. The weapons are coming online which is really great, the sniper rifle is now somewhat useable, so it has been a good set of changes.”

Steve Polge, the project lead, also mentions that the team are doing daily play tests to refine the game. “The game is really fun to play, so we are really going through and playing every day. There is lots to do to keep making the game better and better and that’s a lot of fun.”

It’s also nice to see the developers discussing things like crediting players for assists in-game (if they deal most of the damage prior to an enemy dying) as well as things like specific team colours and shields for the TDM mode. Couple this with a few good shock rifle kills and glimpses of most of the important weapons and there is more than enough for a UT fan to squee about in this video.

Clearly the team are fans of deathmatch and for now the shooter seems to be coming along nicely.

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