NAG Online Podcast: Episode 2


This is our second episode and things went hilariously wrong with Delano’s mic during the pre-recording test sessions (we ALWAYS will do this now to prevent any mishaps in the future). Eventually, we’d like to have this up on the NAG Online Youtube channel, but getting the keys to that castle will take some time.

This podcast was recorded on 30 July 2014 and from now on we aim to have this on a Wednesday evening at 7:30PM, glitches notwithstanding. Details to join the podcast live will be available in our forums and you can interact with us over Mumble or through IRC. Hit the jump to see the overview list as well as links to the articles that we’re talking about.

NAG Online Podcast Volume 1: Episode 2

Direct Download: Linky

00:20 Hosts introduction: Wesley Fick, Rick de Klerk, Mark Del, Chris Kemp

01:20 Chris introduces himself

On NAG Online:

04:00 EXPECT DELAYS: NAG is arriving a little later than usual

05:10 Electronic Arts to use Netflix service model on Xbox

19:20 Sony says nope to EA Access subscription service

24:40 Report: Google now owns Twitch

30:40 Crytek shuts down two studios, sells off Homefront IP

What are you playing now?

35:35 Viscera Cleanup Detail– Rick

45:00 God Mode – Delano

48:00 HAWKEN – Wesley

53:30 Carmageddon 2: Carpocalypse Now – Chris

1:01:10 So, who played the Destiny beta?

News Items of interest:

1:13:50 UK Government won’t arrest people for piracy

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