In the wake of news that Studio Ghibli may be shuttering its production department, the Aegis Defenders Kickstarter —with a ruinous yet beautiful 16-bit style and not-too-subtle nods to Ghibli’s signature film Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind — is the trampling of a nostalgic heart, possibly by an angry Ohmu.

Aegis Defenders is a “tactical” platformer that mixes exploration with tower defence elements; as a band of tomb raiders desecrating far-flung ruins in a world wrecked by a great calamity in search of a powerful ancient weapon known only as the Giant Warrior Aegis, players switch between different character classes such as the huntress Nausicaä Clu and the machinist Jihl Bart to fend off waves of Ohmu insectile critters while protecting found spoils.

Snark aside, the game does — at face value — tick all the right boxes for me: a class-based platformer with distinct skill sets and a quaint 2D-animated style. The gameplay does come across as a little stiff in Let’s Plays of the demo strewn about the ‘Net, but hopefully a prayer beats a player in this instance. You can view the Kickstarter here or the website proper for more info. Alternatively, click on that little “Read More” button to… well, not read, but watch a Let’s Play of Aegis Defenders.

Source: Kickstarter

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