Sorry we’re late. Had a spot of car trouble. Plus, RedTide took forever to decide on an outfit, and he kept complaining that he simply couldn’t get his hair to behave, which makes a weird sort of pseudo-sense given that he’s not got any hair.

Anyway. Remember Rainbow Six: Patriots? Which we had on our cover that one time? Well, please stop remembering it, and go home right now and set fire to that issue as a sort of memory cleanse. Because all eyes are now on Rainbow Six: Siege, which looks an awful lot like someone at Ubisoft woke up one morning and decided that the best way to go forward is to go backward. And we love that, because Rainbow Six‘s best days were its early days. We love the look of Siege so much that we’re forcing you to look at it too by putting it on our cover.


After the break, obviously.

This month, E3! Also this month, Computex! We’ve jammed as much info as we could fit into the pages of our August issue on all of the sexiest games and the hottest hardware to come out of these two major events, because it’s probably best if you start preparing your wallet now for the senseless thrashing it’s going to have to endure in the future when all these New Things start hitting store shelves. Yay!

We also take a look at the Early Access revolution, rounding up a few games currently simmering away in Steam Early Access to get a feel for the service and let you know whether or not we think spending cash on unfinished games is a wise idea.

Our reviews section is full of weird and wonderful delights. We satisfy our urge to point and click our way through adventurous endeavours with The Shivah: Kosher Edition. Does Transistor live up to the evergreen beauty of Bastion? And is WildStar an MMO worth paying a monthly subscription for? Murdered: Soul Suspect brings its protagonist back from the dead, and then possesses a cat. Which is totally normal. Valiant Hearts: The Great War takes us on an emotional tour through World War I, and it makes us wish we’d paid more attention in high school history class. Also, sweaty men in shorts roll around on the floor and grunt a lot in EA Sports UFC, and we mash random buttons to see if we can get them to actually use their feet for standing up every once in a while. Spoiler: it’s pretty much impossible.

As if dedicating an entire section of the magazine to E3 2014 isn’t enough, our previews section is also packed with accounts of our experiences with some of the many games that were on display at the show. Battlefield Hardline is Battlefield with cops and robbers, which we’re totally okay with. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is made of eye-patches and love, which we’re totally okay with. Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel is Borderlands on the moon, which we’re totally okay with. And finally, Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor is another reason to worship J.R.R. Tolkien’s (probably) hairy feet, which we’re totally okay with.

Aaaaaand hardware! This month we do a shootout! Sort of. We’ve got four Z97 motherboards, and we put them through their paces to see where your cash is best spent. So it’s kind of like a shootout, but with less furious violence and bang-bang-y guns, and more nerdy goodness. Elsewhere, we review SSDs and ridiculous GPUs and gaming monitors and CPU coolers and headsets and lots of other cool stuff (including spectacles!).

There’s all this to be found in the August issue, alongside other magical happenings. It’ll be out this Thursday, the 7th of August. Again, apologies for the late arrival. If you’d prefer to go digital, check out Zinio for your fix.

Now, that cover! And also, a contents page.

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