Still no confirmation for No Man’s Sky on Xbox One


The upcoming September issue of EDGE magazine has a cover feature on Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky. The procedurally generated space exploration game is one hot property at the moment, but information regarding platforms for the game hasn’t exactly been forthcoming. We do know that the game will be making its “console debut” on PlayStation 4, as this was revealed during E3 in June.

The next issue of EDGE reiterates the PlayStation 4 exclusivity, but that exclusivity is indeed timed as we speculated in our previous No Man’s Sky article. The next platform that will see No Man’s Sky will be PC, but exactly how long after the PlayStation 4 is not certain.

There is still no mention of the game launching on Xbox One. It would be very surprising if it didn’t. Some people are suggesting that this might be because of Microsoft’s controversial “parity clause” that requires indie developers to launch their games on Xbox One before or on the same day as it launches on other consoles. Microsoft has said that they will be work with indie developers “on a case by case basis” to get around this parity clause, so that might be the reason why we haven’t heard anything regarding an Xbox One version just yet.

Source: IGN