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Gamescom is just around the corner, and I won’t be attending this year because Germany (nor have I ever attended before, because long drive).

That small issue aside, I will be following the news carefully – the news I’m actually interested in, anyway.

That means anything related to The Sims or Ubisoft will be quickly passed through the filter, while the things in the list below will have me hopping on and off the furniture like a coked-up Tom Cruise.

Read my list (or don’t, but click it so Overlord Dane thinks you read it) and then share your own in the comments (unless it includes The Sims, because I may be compelled to mock you).

Quantum Break Gameplay

This game is innovative, original and is trying to do something that hasn’t really been done before – so I really hope it’s actually good.

Gamescom will be the first time we see Remedy Entertainment’s ambitious, time-twisting live-action TV/video game hybrid in action, and I’m excited to see if they’ve managed to get it right.

I loved the original Max Payne, but Alan Wake was a bit of a let-down for me. These guys are certainly capable of nailing a story-driven title, but they’re not infallible. I just hope this doesn’t fall into the Beyond: Two Souls trap of forgetting to actually make the game fun to play (or, you know, actually making it a game at all).

This is already more action than Ellen Page ever saw.

This is already more action than Ellen Page ever saw.


Or whatever it will turn out to be called. In case you don’t remember, I’m referring to Bioware’s pair of creepy teaser trailers that use live-action video to scare the pants off of us with smoke-headed nightmare fuel and exploding cellphones (along with some admittedly mediocre acting).

I’m a sucker for horror, so this kind of macabre flavour with ominous URLs like is right up my alley.

I don’t mind not seeing any actual gameplay, but I’d like to know what it’s all about. Personally, I hope the developer is stepping outside of their RPG-ish comfort zone with this one and making something a little different.

Mirror’s Edge 2

I’m not exactly a die-hard fan of the original, but I love the concept. I’d like to see what EA can do with a more polished sequel – nailing the gameplay in a game bringing a fresh idea isn’t easy, so I can forgive the first instalment its flaws.

IF they can learn from their mistakes, I feel like ME2 could be something really special – the more powerful hardware everyone is packing now won’t hurt either; I expect the game will be stunning to look at.

We’ve seen a lot of developer interviews and conceptual/prototypal stuff, but I’d like to see some actual gameplay and get a better idea of what EA’s plan is for the game.

It's nice to see a female character that doesn't have boobs that look like they've grown sentient and are trying to choke her.

It’s nice to see a female character that doesn’t have boobs that look like they’ve grown sentient and are trying to choke her.


Everything I’ve seen of this game so far has been fantastic. It’s a cool idea, the team combat system looks great, it’s pretty as hell and the whole thing just seems incredibly well executed.

That being said, I still want to see more. What we’ve seen of the game is great, but we’ve also seen very little. To maintain longevity and flesh the game out, Turtle Rock Studios is going to have to expand the title’s play a fair bit.

I’ve no doubt they’ve done exactly that, but I’m curious to see what kind of alternate gameplay options they plan on including and how different maps might create a completely different experience.

More fire and monsters would be good.

More fire and monsters would be good.

Half-Life 3

Look, a man can dream, can’t he? Valve already said they’re coming to Gamescom!

Where they will, more than likely, talk about all the things I don’t want to hear about.

Like Team Fortress 2, a seven-year old game that I no longer give a toss about. I don’t care about the new range of hats you’re adding, just stop. If Russia exploded tomorrow, this game would have seven players left.

Or maybe I’ll hear more about the SteamBox, that thing I was once excited for until I found out it was basically a non-uniform collection of components by a range of manufacturers, also known as a pre-built PC. I’m maintaining my usual reservations about using a controller with PC games until Valve can show me otherwise.

It seems more and more like Valve is focusing on things that aren’t game development, and it makes me sad. As much as I love Steam, I want to see more software from one of the greatest studios of all time.

So Gabe, just show me a little Half-Life 3. Is that too much to ask?