Twitch Plays Pokémon was a riotous experiment in chaos, in which an entire online community rallied to play Pokémon Red through chat channel antics. But perhaps you found the concept too high octane, too extreme; a helpless Red being jostled by the vagaries of fate and Internet whim a strain on your heart. Well, now we have the yang to your yin in Grayson Hopper, a dormitory’s pet Siamese fighting fish who took up the challenge to be the very best then promptly forgot about it.

In the latest of increasingly meta Pokémon streaming antics, a couple of campus cards have set up a stream entitled Fish Plays Pokémon, where aforementioned Hopper has unwittingly assumed the hero’s mantle. Utilising motion tracking to gather inputs based on his position in a grid overlay on his bowl, Hopper has been drifting conservatively through Pokémon‘s many challenges. After a mere 125 hours of play, he boasts a single Pokémon in his battle menagerie (a charmander named AAAABBK), and defeated his rival’s obviously inferior squirtle through considered, thoughtful tactics.

While Hopper’s cautious play has endeared him to some fans, it’s pretty clear from the channel’s most frequently asked question — whether or not he is, in fact, dead (“He just sleeps sometimes.”) — that his speed-running career was over before it began. Well, that, and he doesn’t have legs. Regardless, check out the live feed below.

Source: Twitch via Mike Rose on Twitter

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