NAG Online Podcast Episode 3

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01:26 Hosts introduction: Wesley Fick, Rick de Klerk, Mark Del, Chris Kemp

On NAG Online:

04:50 AORUS Corsair DOTA2 Clash Tournament

08:30 Oo_HPxHG4life_oO and the Sinistry of Games – Rick de Klerk

16:00 5 Things I’m hoping to see at Gamescom 2014 – Chris Kemp

28:00 AMD is bringing out branded SSDs from OCZ – Wesley Fick

News Items of interest:

39:00 Resident Evil gets a HD remake

49:00 Two more high-level devs depart Naughty Dog

55:40 Evolve has been delayed, pushed back to 2015

What are you playing now?

57:50 Rick – Residue: Final Cut

Delano – PeaceMaker

Chris – Titanfall

Wesley – Hawken (still!)

On the internet:

1:20:00 Games that glorify or emulate what’s going on with Israel and Palestine

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