In a world where remakes, remasters and reduxes are the New Old New, 4A Games thought that they were doing PC gamers a favour by offering existing owners of Metro 2033 and Metro:Last Light 50% off pre-ordering their Redux versions. The Redux completely overhauls the former using the Last Light‘s engine, while the latter gets some minor improvements.

You can also purchase each individually, meaning that if you just want the Metro 2033 Redux and already own the original, it comes to $12.95. While I’m not thrilled with the current trend of re-releasing old titles, 4A Game’s approach — though not perfect (Pre-order only, 4A Games? Really? You’ve done this before.) — is one of the better offers I’ve seen.

But perhaps not; there’s a lot of Steam users — whom the discount is directed at — that feel the Redux content should be free and that the discount being pre-order only is manipulative. The outcry has been so vehement that 4A Games felt compelled to issue a statement about their reasoning behind the Redux pricing.

“For sure, Metro 2033 Redux is a far more significant upgrade over the original than Metro:Last Light (and we’re not trying to pretend otherwise),” reads the statement. “We think the 50% discount is more than fair for the amount of work that has gone into this title. It is a complete remake of the original game in the latest engine, that will offer a significantly different experience from the original throughout with improved graphics, performance and gameplay.”

“In the end, a flat 50% discount was judged to be the simplest, fairest solution. Ultimately, you are free to vote with your wallets.”

The statement lists the technical changes to Metro 2033 Redux, as well as some minor changes within Last Light. As a fan of the series, I’ve been critical of 4A Games in the past for their approach but this communication is a positive one. What’s your take?

Source: Steam

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