They say change comes from within, but the last time we went digging around our insides we came out with handfuls of blood and squishy bits, and a free trip to the hospital. With that in mind, we decided that the best place to seek change is beyond. Or outside… What’s the opposite of within? Anyway, the point is that we want you to tell us what change you’d like to see at NAG Online, or if you’re absolutely happy with everything, then tell us that!

In exchange for a few moments of your time spent answering a mere 23 questions, we’ve secured some great prizes from Incredible Connection, Rectron, Ster Kinekor Entertainment, Pinnacle Africa, and Hobby Island. Right at the bottom of the survey we’ll ask you to choose which draw you want to enter, so we’re sure there’ll be something to appeal to everyone!

You can access the survey here. Please only complete one survey per person. Yes, finding a way to fill in multiple surveys might increase your chance of winning, but the point here is to gain knowledge of you lovely people to improve our site, not just give you free things. Though we do enjoy giving you free things. We’ll never stop doing that.

The survey will run until the 29th of August, after which time we’ll draw the winners using the magical power of Good luck!

Here’s what you could win:


From Rectron:

1x QuickFire Rapid I Keyboard

1x Sirus C headset

1x Mizar mouse



From Hobby Island:

1x Hot Toys 1/6th Scale Collectible Figure: Iron Man 3 Tony Stark The Mechanic

1x Hot Toys 1/6th Scale Dynamic Figure Stand



From Incredible Connection:

1x Xbox 360 Media Remote

1x Xbox 360 Wireless controller

1x Xbox 360 Guitar Hero microphone

1x Xbox 360 Charge & Play kit

5x Xbox 360 games: Gears of War 3, Halo 4, Fable Anniversary, Fable 3, Lips Party Classics



From SKE:

1x LEGO Nijago Nindroids PS Vita game

1x T-shirt

1x cap



From Pinnacle Africa (we’ve got two sets of these):

1x Zalman ZM-K400G

1x ZM-M350 Combo (mouse and mouse mat)

1x ZM-HPS200