Japanese games are getting some love this week in no less than three different specials going on for Summer Comiket, so if you’re a fan of titles that hail from under the rising sun best pay attention, since you’re going to want to check them all out if you’re going to get the best deal.

Steam is running with their own Japanese Indie Festival, which discounts a number of titles including the recently well-received Astebreed and classic La-Mulana. However, if you want Astebreed, you might want to check out the Humble Weekly Bundle: Japan Edition, which for a mere $10 will net you Astebreed and several other titles such as Ys Origin and the excellent Pixel Junk Shooter, though you can still nab some weirder titles at the lower end of the pay-what-you-want spectrum. Finally, Playism has a number of Summer Sale discounts for its many quirky titles like Kero Blaster and this Japanese developed first-person shooter seriously what am I looking at.

Anyway, check them out. I mean, i-if you want. What? No, I d-don’t like you, reader! I’m just doing my journalistic duty reporting on game specials; it’s not like I specifically w-wanted you to get a good deal or anything! Baka!

Source: Steam, Playism Games, Humble Bundle via Destructoid

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