Star Citizen hits $50 million, releases Constellation trailer


Every time there’s an update on the mountain of money that Star Citizen has gleaned for its development, I like to call up its original Kickstarter page and laugh in disbelief at its paltry $500,000.00 goal. I mean honestly… how adorable. They’ve now officially got 100 times more than they initially requested, which means that through the process of obviously, the game is going to be the best thing ever made. Obviously.

In case you haven’t been keeping up with Chris Robert’s glorious return to the space simulator genre, the original Star Citizen Kickstarter has been subsidised to the extreme via the game’s official website. On said website, players can buy a copy of the game, which comes with a standard ship. Alternatively you can fork out wads of money to buy even cooler ships, which has obviously resulted in the quaint little $500,000 starting goal bloating itself into $51,075,243.


Naturally, because the game has hit a bajillion of its stretch goals, Star Citizen is getting a number of new features, the latest of which is alien languages. There’s also a first-person shooter mode (a teaser trailer of which is below) and a new Constellation ship advert.

The Constellation is a multiplayer ship, which means that you and a bunch of your buddies can pilot the thing and fly around the galaxy together like one big family. It’ll be like Lost in Space! Hopefully we’ll get a really annoying robot AI that shrieks “Danger, Will Robinson!” That’d be great. But not really.

You can check out the Constellation in action below. It’s another one of those fantastic trailers that’s made out to be like a car advertisement.

Via: RSI