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As you may have seen around these parts, Wesley Fick, Delano, Rick de Klerk and myself have been hosting the NAG Online podcast, with special guests as well as our “team on the ground” reminding us when we screw up or whispering insightful things to us.

We’ve been having a blast with it, and if you haven’t checked them out yet we’d be much appreciative if you did.

I’ve been a podcast nut for a while now, particularly since it makes my long commute something to look forward to every day rather than dread. There’s a podcast out there for almost any interest, and if you haven’t already you absolutely should start listening to them – it’s a great way to pass time when doing other things. To help you get started, I’ve compiled a list of six gaming podcasts I think you’d enjoy. Check it out, then give me your favourites/suggestions in the comments.

The Co-Optional Podcast

This show takes a casual interview format with three YouTube personalities as regular hosts – TotalBiscuit, Jesse Cox and Dodger.

There’s no set topic for each week, but rather a special guest who gets to join in whatever the particular point of discussion happens to be.

The whole thing happens rather organically, but the real entertainment comes in the show’s rather different opinions on things. They’re outspoken and opinionated, and spirited debates happen often around contentious issues such as microtransactions and DRM.

Episodes are in video form and are close to three hours long, so settle in and get comfy.


co-optional podcast


This one is for the old men like me; a podcast that focuses exclusively on old-school games. Nothing is really off limits here, from the days of the original NES to more recent titles like Planescape: Tormet, this is a cast that celebrates all things old.

The cast will cover major events as they relate to the subject material, but generally each cast is more-or-less dedicated to the discussion of a single game.

I’ve only started listening to this one recently, but it appears to run in seasons called “volumes”. I’m not exactly sure what happens when each season ends, but I guess we can find that out together.


Giant Bombcast

One of the more popular gaming podcasts out there, and likely the one on this list you’re most likely to have heard of before.

This one has a distinct flavour to it – the hosts are loud, can be obnoxious and frequently go off on tangents. A first-time listener may be put off by the brashness of the whole thing, but once you get used to the personalities it’s an entertaining cast.

This one may not be for everyone, or it may be more of an acquired taste. However, it didn’t become as popular as it is by being awful, so I’d advise checking it out to see which camp you fit into.


giant bombcast

Idle Thumbs

This one is great because it has a unique property to it – all the hosts are involved in game development somehow.

This means that aside from the usual entertaining discussions, you also get a look at the view from the other side, and the perspective of a game developer can often give an interesting slant to a new game or media controversy.

It’s not all cigars, smoking jackets and serious talk though; this is generally a laid-back, entertaining cast that’s worth listening to in its own right.

The day-job of the hosts just gives it that little bit extra.


The Patch

A relatively new cast, this is a splinter-cast of the Rooster Teeth podcast; the company that created the popular web-series Red vs. Blue and now has multiple projects such as Let’s Plays and various animated web-series.

The RT podcast began as a gaming centric cast, but quickly devolved into lengthy discussions about questionable science and sexual experiences. It’s one of my favourite casts by the way, and you should totally go listen to it.

The Patch generally has the same hosts, but with a more strict focus on video game content. The cast uses a semi-structured style with a list of topics/news to discuss, but the conversation doesn’t feel stilted or forced.

It’s one of the better casts for sure, and I’d feel comfortable recommending this one to almost anyone – honestly, it’s hard not to like.


rooster teeth podcast

A Quick Note On Apps

If you’re new to this whole podcast thing, a simple bit of advice I want to share is to get an app to handle everything for you.

There are plenty of good, free apps (particularly for smartphones and tablets) that allow you to simply search for the name of the cast, subscribe to the feed, update automatically and play and resume through the app itself. It makes the whole process much, much easier and you can simply plug headphones into your phone and you’re sorted.

For Android, the podcast manager I use which is great (and free) is Podcast Republic.

For iOS users, I’ve used and enjoyed Downcast ($2,99) but a good, free alternative is Pod Wrangler.

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