NAG Online Podcast Episode 05

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While we wait for the video to be uploaded to Youtube (the NAG staff are currently hard at work making the deadline for sending the mag off to the printers today), I’ve posted up the audio-only version of the podcast after the jump along with the direct download for the file in OGG format. When the video is uploaded, the header image will be replaced with an embed of the video for your viewing pleasure.

NAG Online Podcast Overview:

Episode 5 – Recorded on 20 August 2014

Listen to the audio-only version here:

Direct download: Linky

Hosts introduction: Wesley Fick, Rick de Klerk, Mark Del, Chris Kemp, Matthew Fick

Send us questions, comments and criticisms at @nagcoza on Twitter. Alternatively, pop a comment below the NAG post for the show.

On NAG Online:

04:20 Rise of the Remasters (And why they’re a problem)

17:40 Impressions: Shadowgate

25:00 id Software spits in the face of Quake fans

33:40 Here’s some ballpark prices for Haswell-E processors

News Items of interest:

40:20 Giblets: Metal Gear Solid V heading to PC

45:20 Star Citizen hits $50 million, releases Constellation trailer

50:00 Right now, there are two fish playing Street Fighter II

55:20 EA Access gives you six hours with games in the Vault

59:40 System Builder’s Guide: August R11,000 to R16,500

What Are You Playing?: 

1:04:20 Delano: The SAGE catalogue.

Matthew: Peggle!

Rick: Metro: Last Light.

Wesley: Also playing Last Light. With the lights off, in the dark, on Ranger mode.

Chris: I’m also playing Last Light. Wut.

On the internet:

1:17:10 Zoe Quinn vs The Internet

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