PlayStation Home shutting down in Japan and Asia territories


Remember PlayStation Home? I’m sure about seven of you will, but for those who have no clue: it’s Sony’s attempt to create an online virtual lifestyle system kind of like Second Life, just without all the weird stuff that makes Second Life so intriguing.

PlayStation Home is free to anyone who owns a PlayStation 3 console, as signing up for the PlayStation Network automatically gets you a PlayStation Home account. What exactly you do in PlayStation Home is open for speculation because I think I spent about 15 minutes with it before uttering an audible “¿qué?” and nuking it from orbit. (High-fives for mashing together an obscure Aliens reference with Fawlty Towers. I’m here all week.)

Anyway, Sony Computer Entertainment Japan has seen fit to end the long-running oddity; it began a beta version in 2008. As of March 2015, the service will end in Japan and other Asia territories. The rest of the world (i.e. Western territories) will get to continue WTF-ing as PlayStation Home will live on in Europe and the US. That being said, Sony might decide to take the old gal out back for Western territories as well. Maybe they should; just put it out of its misery.

Source: SCEJ
Via: Game Informer