The ALS Ice Bucket challenge and Warframe

warframe header

For those of you who have been under a rock for the last month, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has swept throughout the internet, with celebrities and big brands promoting a drive to secure donations towards research into a cure for Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease or Motor neurone disease. Celebrities such as Lindsay Lohan, Taylor Swift, Conan ‘O Brien have taken part in the challenge as well as others like Phil Spencer, Bill Gates, Markus Persson, Playstation USA’s Shawn Layden and Amazon’s Jeff Bezos.

Aaaaand now we’re getting into game characters nominating other game characters. The new twist in the trend begins with Warframe.


So, that happened. Only Destiny’s Ghost responded to the challenge in time, but there may be a few hours left before CL4P-TP (Claptrap) and Master Chief put in their challenges.


This is probably only the last ever time anyone will actually hear Peter Dinklage (also known as Peter Dink-bot) say, “That came from the moon!”

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is a drive by the ALS Association to promote awareness for ALS and get people to donate money towards the cause. The idea is to do the challenge or pay in $100 and nominate three other people to challenge, but many people do both anyway. The drive has raised over $30 million since it started a few weeks ago.

If you think the whole idea of the ice water is ludicrous, however, you may get a laugh out of Australia-based Win News’ Lincoln Humphries doing his own take on the challenge. Spoiler – his one doesn’t involve any ice water.