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When we say “Seasons” are coming to Diablo III, we’re not talking about seasonal changes in weather being added into the game like it’s some sort of The Sims expansion. We’re talking Leaderboard Seasons – it’s kind of like what’s currently keeping Hearthstone fans constantly progressing their public ranking in order to unlock unique card backs each month. However, because Diablo III is about a bajillion times more complex with intricate systems and massive scale, the Seasons heading to the game are a little more in depth than what you’d find in Hearthstone.

Over the next few days, Blizzard will be releasing update patch 2.1.0, which will add seasonal challenges into the game. Seasons have been in the pipeline for a while now, but by this week Friday they’re going to officially kick off. Get ready to lose yet more time to Diablo III.

To participate in a Season you’ll need to start a brand new character. That character will be classified as a “Season Hero” (shocking!) and will start with nothing but the clothes on his/her back. In other words: no access to shared loot from other characters, and no Artisan levels or Paragon levels. You’re on your own.

The goal of a Season is to level this new character to 70 as quickly as possible. There are also a host of new achievements that Blizzard has dubbed Conquests. These Conquests come in two flavours: Normal and Hardcore – think of them as extra tough, Season specific achievements. They’ll get their own leaderboards as well, so if you’re among the first 1,000 players to unlock a Conquest, your name will be immortalised on the Season’s leaderboard. Want an example of a Conquest? Try this: “Complete Acts I through V at max level in under 1 hour.” Good luck with that.

In addition to leaderboards and a bevy of Conquests, Seasons will bring 10 unique Legendary items that will only be available to Season participants. Once the season ends then those Legendries will be added to the ordinary pool of Diablo III Legendary items. There’s also a unique Transmog set of armour that will unlock one piece at a time as the Seasons continue.

Seasons will also introduce Greater Rifts for endgame additional content. Blizzard has said that they’ll share more news on Greater Rifts later on.

Finally, once the Season ends, your Season Hero will turn into a regular hero for use in non-Seasonal game modes. Any loot and unlocks you may have acquired during a Season will carry across to your non-Seasonal game.

Source: Battle.net

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