BioWare has announced plans to ship Dragon Age: Inquisition with a separate, four-player cooperative multiplayer mode. They’re likening this mode to the surprisingly successful multiplayer component that shipped with Mass Effect 3.

Hang on! Before you get all uppity that your endings for Inquisition will be influenced by your performance in multiplayer, know that the single player campaign is entirely separate from the multiplayer portion. The two will be linked in lore only: in the single player story, you’ll have access to specialists who send agents off on missions as part of your inquisition goals. In multiplayer you’ll play as those agents, with the specialists providing details on what your multiplayer mission objective might be.

In total, there will be 12 multiplayer characters to choose from: four characters for each of the three classes (rogue, mage, and warrior).  BioWare is planning to release further characters after the game launches in November.

The multiplayer component of Inquisition is being billed as a dungeon crawler, with gold and loot pickups towards the end of each mission. Crafting systems will also be integrated, with many of the crafting components and recipes from the single player game making the jump to multiplayer.

What about paywalls? There aren’t any, BioWare is insisting. While you will be able to spend money on an in-game currency called Platinum that will allow you to purchase items, you will be able to accumulate in-game gold instead by just playing the game. It sounds like the in-game purchases are merely there for those who want that option.

BioWare had always intended to ship Inquisition with a multiplayer element, and claims that the single player and multiplayer portions were “developed side by side”. Interestingly, the multiplayer portion is being developed by a dedicated team made up of Dragon Age veterans and Mass Effect 3 multiplayer developers.

This marks the first time that people will be able to play Dragon Age together with friends. We’re optimistic about this one, especially in light of the fact that Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer was surprisingly good fun, and that Inquisition’s multiplayer won’t affect the single player campaign.

Source: DragonAge.com

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